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ISM Certifications

The Key to Unlocking your True Career Potential

Being certified by ISM, whether it’s a CPSM® or CPSD, is one of the most important decisions you will make. Those four letters after your name carry a lot of weight in the global supply management field because they are backed by ISM’s reputation and more than 100 years of credibility.

Stand out from your peers. Earn more. Win promotions. Impress employers. These are the possibilities that a globally recognized ISM certification can help make a reality. Can you afford not to have one?



The CPSM® is the gold standard of supply management credentials. It is proof that you have mastered specific core competencies and can apply them in your daily role to create winning outcomes. Find out how a CPSM® can catapult you to greater success.


As demographics continue to change, organizations increasingly need experts to implement or oversee their supplier diversity programs. With a CPSD, you can become the expert they need and guide them to make intelligent and profitable supplier diversity decisions.

Apply or Recertify

If you are a candidate for Certification or Recertification, please take a few moments to review either the Original Application Information or the ISM Recertification Information before proceeding to the application.


A CPSM Guided Learning Course can be an invaluable tool in your certification pursuit.
Choose the Guided Learning Course that best fits your needs.


Discover the Difference

Don’t confuse an ISM certification with a certificate program. An ISM certification is a highly valued professional credential. Utilizing a robust methodology and adhering to set standards, ISM certification is created from the guidance of supply management professionals across industries, roles and experience levels. It measures your excellence across a broad scope of critical supply management concepts. And, once you are certified, an ISM certification allows you to use a prestigious designation after your name. A certificate program, on the other hand, is typically more narrow in focus. But the real difference? An ISM certification is dynamic and evolves with the profession — we require you to recertify, proving you have kept current with the profession through continuing education. A certificate program has no such requirements.

Is it any wonder that employers place such a high value on an ISM certification?
Join 60,000 other supply management professionals and get your CPSM® now!


Verify your Credentials

See if your credentials are still active.
CPSM®, CPSD, C.P.M. and A.P.P.