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Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) Program

All supply chain and procurement professionals looking to advance their careers and establish themselves as experts in our industry. You will be joining a global network of over 60,000 certified professionals. ISM certifications are recognized in more than 30 countries.


A CPSM certification will set you apart as an expert in critical areas of global supply chain management such as sustainability, strategic sourcing & forecasting and risk/compliance. As an ISM member, you will receive discounted exam pricing and have access to exclusive online study materials and resources.

Learn more about certification requirements.


Requirements for CPSM Certification include:

  • Three years of full-time, professional supply management experience (non-clerical, nonsupport) with a Bachelor’s degree from regionally accredited institution or international equivalent
  • Five years of full-time, professional supply management experience (non-clerical, nonsupport) without a qualified Bachelor’s degree
  • Successfully pass three CPSM® Exams, OR, if you are a C.P.M. in good standing, pass the Bridge Exam

Learn more about certification requirements.

Study Roadmap
  1. Take the CPSM Diagnostic Practice Exam practice test to find your weak areas. It is available in either print or online version to meet your preferred learning style. Score your practice test(s) and match the results to the bibliographic references to find detailed explanations within the other study items listed below.
  2. Use your score report from the Diagnostic Practice Exam to develop a study plan to target areas you need to strengthen. Use the CPSM Study Guide, the ISM Professional Series and additional resources to fill in knowledge gaps and prepare for your CPSM exams.
  3. Use the CPSM Study Guide to get familiar with the exam specifications and see examples of the testing format and styles of questions. It briefly explains the content tested in the exams within the context of each task category. Those studying for the Bridge Exam only need to study the bracketed content.

Learn more about the next steps for CPSM certification.