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Work Experience Documentation

To apply for an ISM Certification, candidates must have applicable professional level work experience.

Follow these steps to fulfill this requirement:

Candidates must submit one letter on original letterhead per employer. The letter must come from a supervisor or human resources department verifying and describing all job titles and dates (month and year for both start and end date of each job) of employment being claimed. ISM's policies regarding work experience does not allow for candidates to self-validate work experience. We do not accept resumes or business cards for proof of job titles or responsibilities.

Common situations encountered while documenting experience

Please note:

  • Credit is not given for less than six months in a position; however, movement from job to job without significant time interruption is treated as continuous experience.
  • No experience credit is awarded for internships.
  • We do not accept resumes or business cards as proof of job titles or responsibilities. They do not meet the documentation requirements for experience.

Letters are submitted at the time of application.

Please provide a copy of your diploma or unofficial transcript when submitting your application.

ISM reserves the right to request validation of your school's accreditation status at the time your degree was earned. For degrees earned outside the U.S., ISM uses several well-established resources to determine equivalency. Please contact ISM Certification team at if you have additional questions.

Once documentation is gathered, submit online with your certification application.

Submit Work Experience Documentation

(Click here for step-by-step instructions on submitting your Work Experience Documentation)

Need your work experience evaluated? (Optional Service)

Before you take your exams, if you need your work experience evaluated ISM can review for a $25 USD charge. To set this up, please fill out the work experience form and submit to Feel free to reach out to us with any questions by calling 480.752.6276.