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Winners of the ISM® Annual Persons of the Year, Affiliate Excellence and Groups/Forums Excellence Awards Announced at ISM2014, the 99th Annual International Supply Management Conference

FOR RELEASE: May 29, 2014

(Tempe, Ariz.) May 29, 2014 — On May 7, 2014, ISM announced the 2013 award recipients of the Persons of the Year Award, the Affiliate Excellence Award and the Groups/Forums Excellence Award at the Awards Breakfast during ISM2014 in Las Vegas.

Persons of the Year Award

ISM's Persons of the Year Awards recognize excellence in education/learning, innovation/creativity, leadership, marketing/communicating and volunteerism. ISM recognized five individuals for their efforts during 2013:

  • Education/Learning Person of the Year: Dale L. Bartholomew, CPSM, C.P.M., ISM—Northern Virginia, Inc., and ISM—Cooperative Utilities, Inc.
    Bartholomew is a member of and active in two affiliates and is the first to volunteer for whatever needs to be done to support ISM—Northern Virginia and ISM—Cooperative Utilities. He is known for his "follow up and follow through" approach in all aspects of education, including organizing all aspects of ISM—Northern Virginia's educational programs, serving as a Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) trainer and working with students. "I am honored and grateful to have received the Education/Learning Person of the Year Award," he says. "The award and serving two ISM affiliates were meaningful and gratifying experiences." His nominators label Bartholomew as an active advocate of ISM and a true supporter of the organization and its goals.

  • Innovation/Creativity Person of the Year: Steven R. Bouchard, ISM—Connecticut, Inc.
    Eager to deliver tools to the new supply management practitioners, Bouchard promotes the affiliate's Emerging Professional Group (EPG) activities through LinkedIn, including EPG-specific web seminars. He has forged new relationships with universities and other local professional organizations and conducted value-stream mapping on current and future membership marketing activities. "Organizations now realize that the success of their products depend heavily on a robust supply chain. As a result, professionals in the supply management field are held accountable to provide value through innovative and creative approaches to strategic sourcing," says Bouchard. "As leaders in the field, we must also develop new programs to ensure the next generation of supply management leaders have the skills and training to be successful."

  • Leadership Person of the Year: Michelle Ochweri, ISM—Columbia Basin, Inc.
    Under Ochweri's leadership, her affiliate has held summer planning meetings for three years in a row, resulting in an affiliate board action-item list that is monitored and updated monthly. She is an outreach expert, resulting in joint cooperative events, and has led her team to revise their affiliate bylaws to simplify and streamline management. She has overseen the change in monthly program format and venue, which has increased program attendance by 50 percent and has implemented an action to call each affiliate member at least once per year to discuss affiliate goals and performance improvements. Ochweri describes her experience best: "Being recognized as the Leadership Person of the Year is a humbling experience, one that I never anticipated. My involvement with ISM and ISM—Columbia Basin has always been an opportunity to give back to a profession that I love. We all know leading people can be both challenging and rewarding, but the reward of seeing people grow and become strong professionals in our profession makes everything worthwhile."

  • Marketing/Communicating Person of the Year: Gail D. Kelley, CPSM, C.P.M., ISM—Western Washington, Inc.
    Kelley meets with local community supply managers to promote ISM and ISM—Western Washington membership to decision-makers. She also promotes the ISM Corporate Program to local companies. She participates in university career fairs, promoting scholarship and other opportunities for students offered by ISM—WW. Kelley also uses social media to effectively market her affiliate and its activities. She supplements this with email messages and good old-fashioned hardcopies by mail. She works tirelessly to increase membership. For example, she geographically targeted potential members using LinkedIn and also used LinkedIn to targeting companies without ISM representation. Kelley says, "Volunteering with my local ISM affiliate has been an enriching experience. ISM is a community of professionals focused on the education and advancement of its members. This is the best opportunity available to be exposed to the practices and experiences of the very best supply chain organizations and professionals worldwide. It is my honor to be a member." As a past affiliate president, she also serves as mentor and adviser to new members of the affiliate's board.

  • Volunteer Person of the Year: Martin G. Rutkovitz, ISM—St. Louis, Inc.
    Rutkovitz's nomination was a cooperative effort by his current affiliate, ISM—St. Louis, the ISM Indirect/Services Group and the ISM2014 Host Service Committee, of which he currently serves as chair. For 20-plus years, Rutkovitz has volunteered at various levels of the ISM organization. He has served in numerous positions at both his current affiliate, ISM—St. Louis, and his previous affiliate, ISM—Central Florida, Inc. He has been an ISM Conference volunteer for 20-plus years, too, and served on the ISM Conference Leadership Committee from 2007 to2012, was general Conference chair in 2008, has served on the ISM Host Service Committee since 2009, serves as membership chair and marketing co-chair of the ISM Indirect/Services Group, and has participated in and presented for the ISM Leadership Training Workshops/Programs. Rutkovitz describes his experience: "Accepting this award brought to mind the group of colleagues and peers I have had the good fortune to work alongside year after year. Many have become close, lifelong friends, and we all agree that volunteering improves ourselves, our profession and ISM. This award honors each and every one of them, as well, for without their friendship, counsel and guidance, I wouldn't be the person I am today." To quote one of his nominators, "Marty wears the ISM logo on his chest like Superman wears his shield."

Affiliate Excellence Award

ISM—Louisville, Inc. Earns Top Distinction — 2013 Affiliate of the Year Award

Affiliate Excellence Awards recognize ISM affiliates that demonstrate an awareness and distinction in their professional operations, educational offerings and ability to recruit, train and retain members, while at the same time communicating the value and prestige of ISM and the supply management profession. The affiliate selected for the Affiliate of the Year Award has surpassed the designated core competency requirements, including but not limited to membership growth, professional development opportunities and valuable affiliate membership meetings. ISM is pleased to announce that ISM—Louisville, Inc., received the highest honor with the 2013 Affiliate of the Year.

"In the commonwealth of Kentucky, the Louisville affiliate was one of the final four purchasing management associations left in ISM in 2012. Normally in the commonwealth, being one of the 'Final Four' is a good thing, but in this case it wasn't beneficial to our organization. Our membership approved a name change in 2012 that started a blistering pace of change and innovation in the affiliate. Creative thinking led to further changes, and by leveraging the momentum of this name change, we opened our hearts and our minds to logistics and haven't looked back. We are thankful for the recognition bestowed upon our affiliate by ISM with this distinguished award, and we look forward to defending our selection in the upcoming year," says Doug Kolpak, immediate past president of ISM—Louisville. "We exist to educate, develop and provide opportunities for networking and certification assistance to the supply chain management professional in the greater Louisville metro area."

President Angela K Jorgensen says, "Our primary focus for 2013 was to become member-centric in our planning and implementation of programs, and we will continue this mantra in 2014. We make every attempt to keep a pulse of what our members need and make the most of the networking and educational opportunities we are able to provide. In the Louisville area, we have a great family of members and the entire board is dedicated to supporting their professional development needs. We are extremely honored by the Affiliate of the Year award from ISM, and we strive to continue to be the best affiliate our members deserve."

Each ISM affiliate, regardless of size, has the opportunity to achieve affiliate excellence recognition by meeting each of the core competency requirements. Thirteen affiliates met the level of excellence for 2013. They are:

  • ISM—Arizona, Inc.
  • ISM—Atlanta, Inc.
  • ISM—Carolinas-Virginia, Inc.
  • ISM—Chicago, Inc.
  • ISM—Dallas, Inc.
  • ISM—Denver, Inc.
  • ISM—Greater Grand Rapids, Inc.
  • ISM—Houston, Inc.
  • ISM—Japan
  • ISM—Kansas City, Inc.
  • ISM—Louisville, Inc.
  • ISM—Milwaukee, Inc.
  • ISM—Nashville, Inc.
  • ISM—Nevada, Inc.
  • ISM—New Jersey, Inc.
  • ISM—New York, Inc.
  • ISM—Northern Virginia, Inc.
  • ISM—Pittsburgh, Inc.
  • ISM—San Diego, Inc.
  • ISM—San Fernando Valley, Inc.
  • ISM—Western Washington, Inc.

Groups/Forums Excellence Award

ISM—New York/New Jersey Earns Top Distinction — 2013 Group/Forum of the Year

ISM Groups and Forums Excellence Awards recognize those Groups and Forums that demonstrate excellence in their professional operations, educational offerings, recruitment, training and retention efforts, while at the same time communicating the value and prestige of ISM and the supply management profession. The Group or Forum selected for the Group/Forum of the Year award has surpassed the designated core competency requirements.

ISM is pleased to announce that the ISM—New York/New Jersey received the highest honor with the 2013 Group/Forum of the Year.

ISM—New York/New Jersey Chair Edward J Riggie III accepted the award at a volunteer appreciation breakfast during ISM's 99th Annual International Supply Management Conference in Las Vegas. Riggie describes the Forum's work as, "The mission of the ISM—New York/New Jersey Forum is to support our member affiliates in their efforts to achieve their strategic goals and plans and to facilitate communication amongst and between the affiliates and ISM. The Forum holds an annual educational conference, which is planned and executed by our board of directors. All of our Board members are volunteers and I am very proud to be involved with this great group who has a deep passion for the supply management profession and their willingness to share their time and talents. We are extremely honored to be recognized for this prestigious ISM Group or Forum of the Year award."

Four Groups or Forums met the level of excellence for 2013. They are:

  • Materials Management Group
  • New York/New Jersey Forum
  • Services Group
  • Southwest Forum

Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®) is the first supply management institute in the world. Founded in 1915, ISM's mission is to enhance the value and performance of procurement and supply chain management practitioners and their organizations worldwide. By executing and extending its mission through education, research, standards of excellence and information dissemination — including the renowned monthly ISM® Report On Business® — ISM maintains a strong global influence among individuals and organizations. ISM is a not-for-profit educational association that serves professionals with an interest in supply management who live and work in more than 80 countries. ISM offers the Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) and Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity® (CPSD®) certifications.

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