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Join ISM Online

Join ISM today and become part of a powerful network of 45,000 supply management professionals who lead and shape supply management today and in the future.

Regular Membership — includes membership with, and benefits from, both ISM and your choice of one of 140+ affiliated organizations. ISM's affiliates offer benefits that include volunteer and leadership opportunities, professional development opportunities, valuable contacts with peers including local networking, educational events, certification preparation and opportunities to accrue CEHs for recertification while taking advantage of member pricing. While most people select an affiliated organization based on their location, non-geographic, industry-based affiliates are available as well. This category of membership is by far the most popular option, comprising 85% of our total membership.

Direct Membership — includes membership with and benefits from ISM only. No affiliate membership is included. This category of membership is generally preferable for those that do not have a geographic affiliate nearby or a non-geographic affiliate within their industry or area of interest. Renewal incentives and automatic membership renewal available.

International Membership — essentially Regular Membership for those living/working outside the United States. This category of membership includes membership with, and benefits from, both ISM and your choice of one of a growing number of international affiliates including Canada, China, Korea, Mexico, South East Asia and more.

You can also submit a membership application and send it, along with your payment in US funds, to ISM, 2055 East Centennial Circle, Tempe, AZ 85284, or fax your application with your credit card number and expiration date to +1 480.752.2299, Attn: Customer Service.

Student and Academic Membership — ISM strongly encourages students and academics interested in supply management to join the association. This category offers dues-free membership to full-time students and academics who meet certain criteria.

* Those living outside the United States may also join as a Regular member through any of ISM's 140+ affiliates or as a Direct member.

ISM Volume Discount Membership
With ISM's Volume Discount Membership, organizations with 50 or more supply management employees can save 25 percent on their membership dues — including affiliate benefits. For more information, contact Customer Service at 800.888.6276 or 480.752.6276, option 8.

Become an ISM Corporate Member

ISM Corporate Program generates costs savings and provides exclusive benefits for participating organizations. You can put all the tools of ISM to work for everyone on your supply management team for one annual fee:

  • Unlimited Direct Memberships for your global staff
  • Support for your team, including free access to online ISM certification review courses
  • Exclusive offers and insights into the business environment.

Empower the success of your organization by enrolling in the ISM Corporate Program today. Contact:

Candace Craig
Manager - Corporate Development
800.888.6276 or + 1 480.752.6276, extension 3089