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Tools & Shared Resources

  • International Housewares Association
    The International Housewares Association (IHA), in response to an industry calling, has established a template for social responsibility issues. This template seeks to establish guidelines to ensure that working conditions in the housewares industry supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity and that business operations are ethical and environmentally responsible.

    These guidelines provide tools that define a broad range of expectations without being overly specific in most cases. The scope of this document is also limited and may not capture every situation specific to your business' makeup. However, we hope that IHA members will use this document to help ensure that employees are respected, laws are followed, ethical standards are maintained and the environment is protected for generations to come.

    For more information on IHA social responsibility issues, please visit

  • Nike Environmental Design Tool
    Nike is releasing its Environmental Apparel Design Tool with supporting data and methodology for public review. We hope by sharing this knowledge it will accelerate collaboration and encourage broader adoption of sustainability principles. The Tool evaluates waste, energy, toxics and water in materials and manufacturing, enabling companies to affect the most significant components of a product's environmental impact. It is a beginning; a building block from which something better can be created. We welcome your collaboration. The more that our industry works toward a common goal, the more likely we are to develop scalable, viable environmental solutions.

    For more information on Nike sustainable business and innovation, please refer to the Corporate Responsibility Report.

  • Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Scorecard
    At P&G, the focus on environmental sustainability stems from values. P&G view suppliers as critical partners in improving the environmental sustainability of P&G's end-to-end supply chain. The Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Scorecard is designed to track improvement on key partner-related environmental sustainability measures. For more information on the sustainability scorecard please click the links below:

    P&G Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Scorecard
    CPO, Rick Hughes, Video Introduction
    Training Module 1: Sustainability Overview
    Training Module 2: How to Complete the Scorecard

    For more information on The Supply Chain Environmental Sustainability Scorecard, please visit