Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key dates for the 2015 Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management?
Key Dates Event
Monday, June 16, 2014 2015 Award for Excellence opens
Friday, August 22, 2014
by Midnight MST
The application period closes for the tenth Annual Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply Management
January 2015 Winners notified
Monday, May 4, 2015 Awards Dinner, ISM Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit in Phoenix, AZ.
May 4-6, 2015 Award winners present a workshop at the ISM Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Q: Who can enter the Awards for Excellence?

Supply management departments in organizations of all sizes and geographic locations, domestic and international, are invited to apply. Members of the Evaluation Committee are unable to review entries from their own company or those from direct competitors. Company data submitted remains confidential unless ISM receives permission to use information in an ISM brochure, magazine or website.

Q: How can an organization apply for the Awards for Excellence?

Submit your application via the web-enabled platform.

Applicants must submit the following:

  • The web application form, indicating one category per unique entry. Category choices include: Process, Transformation of the Organization, People, Technology and Sustainability.

  • An executive summary of no more than two pages that includes, in this order:
    • Brief description of the organization.
    • A clear description of the reason/rationale behind the project/initiative strategy.
    • How the project/initiative meets date range parameters. The project/initiative must (1) have been implemented and/or completed and (2) have measurable outcomes within the date range of October 1, 2011 through August 16, 2014.
    • Impact of the project/initiative on your organization (for example, what was your solution, what was the effect across the business, how did you become more competitive and so on).
    • How your solution exhibited leadership and innovation.
    • Results and how they were validated and quantified (for example, real-world performance data including milestones, baseline metrics and results or the percentage or magnitude of the results).
    • Plans for sustaining the initiative.
  • Submit executive summary and supporting documentation in Microsoft program using a minimum 10 pt. text size.

  • Supporting documentation further explaining the scope, impact and execution of the initiative following the general order of the executive summary. Validation of results from internal business partners, external customers or suppliers is encouraged. Please do not submit confidential or proprietary materials. Results may be stated in terms of order of magnitude rather than actual figures. Supporting documentation cannot exceed six pages. These documents may be in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF format.

  • Total application length, excluding the Web application form and cover page, may not exceed eight pages total.

  • Applications (please insert link to application page) will only be accepted through the ISM website.

  • Purchase the Excellence in Supply Management Application Fee by clicking the "Purchase ISM Award Application Fee" button on the Awards for Excellence Application and continue the checkout process. You may pay the application fee before or after you make a submission.

The Oversight Committee reserves the right to remove any application from consideration at its sole discretion.

Q: Is there an application fee to apply for the Awards for Excellence?

Yes, an application fee of $1,000 per organization is required for 2015 Award applications. Organizations may submit up to three (3) unique applications for the $1,000 application fee. Each unique submission may be entered in only one category.

Q: What will the application fee be used for?

The application fee will be used to build the Richter scholarship fund awarded by ISM. The entry fee is not refundable.

Q: How many Awards for Excellence will be given?

It is ISM's intention to give one award per category based on the merits of the submissions. Five additional awards may be given and come from one category or a combination of categories if submissions warrant it. Awards are dependent on applications of sufficient quality.

Q: How will the Awards for Excellence applications be judged?

Three factors are most crucial in guiding the judges' selections. First, projects must address big challenges for which new solutions would have wide organizational and/or supply chain impact. Second, top contenders must offer a truly innovative solution, rather than just a modest improvement over existing practices. Third, entries must be supported by rigorous data based on real-world performance.

Results should be measured, significant and sustainable. They may be hard or soft, and projected or actual. The results may be measured against any recognized metric such as revenue enhancement, asset management, cost management, productivity, speed-to-market or competitiveness. Metrics are not confined to this list. While results may be projected or actual, judges place higher value on results that are supported by data. Results may be presented as percentages or the magnitude of change rather than absolute numbers. If appropriate and available, validation outside the supply arena is welcome.

Q: What criteria will be used in the judging process?

The Evaluation Committee and the Oversight Committee assess entries based on the following award criteria:

  1. The application submitted covers a project led by a supply management department (i.e., the entity spending its own resources in support of its mission through a supply management department).
  2. The initiative meets application criteria.
  3. The initiative addresses a major organizational challenge.
  4. The solution is innovative.
  5. The supply management department exhibits leadership throughout the process.
  6. The results have an impact on the organization's performance.
  7. The results are supported by validation.
  8. The application content is certified as correct by an officer of the organization.
Q: Who is eligible to sit on the judging committees?

The Evaluation Committee is comprised of senior supply professionals. Reviewers evaluate applications against pre-established criteria and recommend finalists to the Oversight Committee for approval. The Oversight Committee is comprised of senior supply executives and academics and is responsible for setting policy and selecting awards winners.

Q: When will winners be notified:

Winners will be notified in January 2015. All notifications are strictly confidential. Award recipients will be publicly announced and honored at an Awards Dinner on Monday, May 4, 2015, at the ISM Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit in Phoenix, AZ. Winners agree to make a presentation at the Conference, which runs May 4–6, 2015.

Q: Who can answer additional questions?

Direct questions to Karin Spencer, at 480-752-6276, extension 3068 (or if calling from outside the United States 480-752-6276, extension 3068), or by email at Awards@ism.ws".

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