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Welcome to ISM's Podcast Channel, created as an exclusive members-only benefit. Browse our ever-expanding library of audio podcasts covering a broad spectrum of supply management and general business topics — from the basic to advanced. Download and listen while you work, during your commute or even in your down time. Not a member? Go here to learn all about the benefits of ISM membership.

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The 60 Second Supply Chain Manager series is a collaboration between Institute for Supply Management, the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, and the University of Tennessee.


  1. Asset Management — Jennifer Turner
  2. Collaboration and Thought Leader Positions — Dr. Liz Alexander
  3. Finance for the Supply Management Professional — Daniel Feiman
  4. Important Trends in the Use of Temporary Workers — Debra Bergevine
  5. Influencing Change: The Solution to Procurement's Change Challenges — Barbara Ardell and Thomas Kase
  6. Lessons Learned in the World of Indirect Procurement — Jason Kwan
  7. Mentor-Protégé Relationships in Light of Supply Management Strategy — Robert McCormes-Ballou
  8. Reflections from the Top — Jo Hunt
  9. Supply Management Team Effectiveness — Lisa Martin
  10. Supply Chain Management Best Practices — Shelly Stewart
  11. The APCIMAIR Model – What Is It and How It Can Work for You? — Daniel Feiman
  12. Time Management: Stop Working on the Wrong Things — Robi Bendorf
  13. Uncovering Power Through Effective Data Use — Kevin Williams

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  1. Keeping Tabs on Ethics — Carla Lallatin

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  1. Defining Value Through Supply Management Integration — Clint Wood
  2. MRO Challenges and Trends — Missy Decker
  3. Preventing Supply Chain from Killing the Brand — Hannah Kain
  4. Project Management Tools for the Supply Professional — Rene G. Rendon
  5. Savings with Source-to-Pay — Philip White
  6. Selling Supply Management's Value — Kevin J. Williams
  7. The "Cloak of Invisibility" Making the Supply Chain Truly Visible to Top Management — Steven A. Melnyk
  8. Understanding the Extent of Supply Management — Frank J. Kosakowski

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  1. Cultural Intelligence — Valérie Berset-Price
  2. A Global Mindset: Time, Technology and People — Lara Nichols
  3. Global Supply Chain Management — Elizabeth A. Vazquez
  4. Global Supply Management Strategies — Shawn Casemore
  5. Latin America Sourcing Benefits and Challenges — Diego De La Garza (NEW!)
  6. Unfolding a Global Evolution — Nik Hiremath

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  1. Leadership through Generations — Eileen McCulloch, Milton Young, and Tom Maher (NEW!)

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  1. Best Practices in Negotiating Software Contracts — Henry W. (Hank) Jones, III
  2. Contracts and Key Service Providers — Mark Grieco
  3. Contracts and Magic Words — Mark Grieco
  4. Critical Terms in Legal Contracts — Helen Pohlig(NEW!)
  5. Force Majeure — Mark Grieco
  6. Insurance — Mark Grieco
  7. Limitation of Liability — Mark Grieco
  8. Termination for Cause — Mark Grieco
  9. Termination for Convenience — Mark Grieco
  10. Scope of Work – Its Dangers and the Importance of Having One — Mark Grieco
  11. Suspension — Mark Grieco
  12. Why Supply Professionals Need to Know the Law — Helen Pohlig(NEW!)

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  1. Debriefing After the Negotiation — Michael Bohon
  2. Keys to Successful Negotiations — Mike Inman
  3. Loose Lips Sink Companies and Your Negotiations! How to Stop Back Door Selling — Bob Benedict
  4. Using a BATNA to Drive Your Success in Negotiations — Michael Bohon
  5. Using Time to Your Advantage in Negotiations — Michael Bohon

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  1. Career Management for Supply Professionals — Brent Edmisten and Nancy Q. Smith
  2. Leadership Tools for Your Career — Judy Baranowski
  3. Lifelong Education: A Critical Endeavor — Robert A. Kemp
  4. Making it in General Management — Timothy M. Stratman
  5. Managing Your Employability — Kathi M. Jobkar

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  1. American Airlines Negotiates Largest Aircraft Order — John R. MacLean
  2. Innovation: Hidden Frontier — New Opportunities for Purchasing — Steve Melnyk
  3. Procurement Change and How to Manage — Lara Nichols
  4. The Search for Excellence in Procurement Stakeholder Relationship Management — Bernd Huber and David Natoff

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  1. CPSM® Recertification: Tips to Help you Succeed — Cheryl Berklich
  2. CPSM® — Its Value and Steps to Help You Achieve it — Karen Fedele

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  1. Avoiding Risky Afterthoughts: Integrating Supply Risk Management and Business Continuity Management — Betty Kildow
  2. Fires, Floods and Fraud, Oh My! Reducing Risk in the Supply Chain — Rick Pay
  3. Identifying and Mitigating Supply Chain Risk — Ernest G. Gabbard
  4. If It Can Happen... — Gerry P. Bundle
  5. Integrating Business Continuity Planning and Incident Management — Nghi Luu
  6. Proactive Supply Chain Risk Management — Cathy Herr
  7. Resistance and Recovery – the Keys to Effective Resilience — Steve Melnyk
  8. Risk Management and Supply Chain Resiliency — Rose Kelly-Falls
  9. Risk Management: Strengthening Your Supply Chain — Richard D. Rich
  10. Risk Management Tracks — Risk Management Group
  11. Uncovering and Managing Supplier/Supply Chain Risk — Louis Ferretti

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  1. Buying the Law — Silvia Hodges, Ph.D.
  2. Bringing Cloud Computing Down to Earth — Services Group
  3. Enlightened Marketing Procurement — Chuck Hatsis and Shannon Puhl
  4. Group Purchasing Organizations — A Low Risk, High Value Proposition — Rosanna Yang and Tom O'Neill
  5. However You Slice it Buying Energy is Unique — Services Group
  6. Life Span — Technology Recycling — Services Group
  7. Meaningful Involvement in Services Purchasing — Lisa M. Ellram, Ph.D., C.P.M., CMA and Wendy L. Tate, Ph.D.
  8. Saving Lives, Saving Money: Supply Chain Management at the American Red Cross — Jill Bossi
  9. Six Keys for Improving Statements of Work — Merle Roberts
  10. TCO and Mobility — David Barlow and Jon Gilbertson

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  1. Contract Manufacturing: Another Way to Satisfy Customer Requirements — Anthony Humphrey
  2. Playing to WinInside Supply Management® Article
  3. Sourcing and Supplier Relationships — Lauchlin McKinnon
  4. Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules that Will Transform Outsourcing — Kate Vitasek
  5. Global Logistics Sourcing — Simplified — Mark Chadwick

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  1. 6 Stage Valued Business Partnership — Michael Perry and Jerry Miller (NEW!)
  2. Benefit By Building Great Supplier Relationships — Christopher Silva
  3. Building Collaborative Relationships — Rose Kelly-Falls
  4. Dog Training and Supplier Management — Would Cesar Milan be a Good Supply Manager? — Susan Modeland and Rene Yates
  5. Innovation through Supplier Relationship Management — Rainey Alben
  6. Research in Supply Chain Management: Academic Insight for Managerial Relevance — Steven Carnovale, Jr.
  7. Supplier Collaboration — A Paradigm Shift — Jeff Shulman and Jehanzeb Noor
  8. Supply Chain Collaboration — Arnaud Deshais
  9. Supplier Relationship Management — Claire Auroi and Mandy Clairfield
  10. Vested: How P&G, McDonald's and Microsoft are Redefining Winning in Business Relationships — Kate Vitasek
  11. Working More Effectively With Your Suppliers to Protect Your Intellectual Property — Craig Moss and Allen N. Dixon

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  1. How to Develop and Leverage Diverse Suppliers — Joan Kerr
  2. Important Elements for a Successful Supplier Diversity Program — Valerie Nesbitt
  3. Mentoring Diverse Suppliers — Yvette Porter
  4. Supplier Diversity from the CPO Perspective — Joan Kerr
  5. Utilizing Diverse Businesses in Emerging Technologies — Joan Kerr
  6. Value of Diverse Suppliers — Frantz Tiffeau
  7. The Business Case for Supplier Diversity — Rainey Alben
  8. Supplier Diversity Program Fast-track training — Video (NEW!)

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  1. CAPS Research Benchmarking Report: Conflict Minerals Reporting Requirements — CAPS Research
  2. Conflict Minerals — Patricia Jurewicz and Jay Celorie
  3. Sustainable Procurement — Robert W. Kuhn
  4. Sustainable Procurement Metrics — Robert W. Kuhn
  5. Sustainability 2.0 — What Comes Next — Robert W. Kuhn
  6. Sustainability Buzz — Robert W. Kuhn
  7. Sustainable Water Management — Robert Kuhn

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Talent Management

  1. Developing Supply Chain Talent — Nancy Q. Smith, Linda Lundquist and Brent E. Edmisten
  2. Implementing Talent Management Metrics for Maximum Effect — Lee Webster
  3. Maximizing Talent — Shawn Casemore
  4. Creating the Glue to Hold Talent Management Initiatives Together — Beth Green

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  1. Drive Adoption and Get Results: Google's E-Auction Experience — Bernd Huber and David Natoff
  2. Importance of Social Media in Supply Chain — Lara Nichols, Tim Zhong and Victoria Riley
  3. People Drive e-procurement’s Success — Kevin Brooks NEW!
  4. Social Media: A Waste of Time or A Catalyst for Supply Chain Innovation? — Adrian Gonzalez
  5. Social Media in Supply Management — Shawn Casemore
  6. The Plugged-In Professional: Social Media and Business Technology — Terri Griffith
  7. The Real World (Today and Tomorrow): Social Media on the Front Line — Lara Nichols, Daliah Saper and Adrian Gonzalez
  8. The Social Supply Chain — Part 1 — Tim Minahan
  9. The Social Supply Chain — Part 2 — Tim Minahan
  10. Turmoil in Europe / Social Media in Europe — the Promise and Peril — Chris Martus
  11. Using Social Media to Enhance Your Supply Chain — Curtis McEntire and Joe Walsh
  12. What are the Big Data, Analytics Applications? — Nada Sanders

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A.T. Kearney Procurement & Analytic Solutions' Wave of the Future podcast series provides valuable insights on current issues impacting business today, with viewpoints from our consultants and guest speakers. Each podcast presents a unique perspective on topics ranging from globalization, sustainability, business analytics, and supply chain management to the latest trends in procurement, providing listeners with practical ideas for meeting the challenges of today's increasingly complex world.

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