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ISM Group/Forum Enrollment Form

ISM's Groups and Forums offer their members the opportunity to promote the interchange of ideas and discussion of mutual problems in their area(s) of interest.

ISM Groups are composed of members with common interests for education and networking in various topics. You need not be employed or active in the industry sector/activity that defines a Group in order to enroll as a member. Group membership is open to all ISM members, and members may belong to as many Groups as they choose.

ISM Forums are composed of members who are employed in a specific sector and come together for the sole purpose of exchanging information and ideas about supply management in that specific sector. Forum membership is limited, and must be approved by the Forum Chair.

To become a member of an ISM Group(s) or Forum(s), please fill out the form below and indicate the Group(s) and/or Forum(s) that you wish to join. PLEASE NOTE that the form will allow you to select only one Group and/or one Forum at a time. If you would like to enroll in more than one Group and/or Forum, you will need to submit the form more than once.

Please log in to complete the Forum/Group Enrollment Form.