ISM - ISM Report On Business® - Regional Business Survey Reports - November 2013

Regional Business Survey Reports - November 2013

Region Economy Main Index Comments

Austin Expanding 51.2 Prices, employment, and supplier delivery up since October.

Boston Contracting 41.5 Employment, New Orders, Deliveries, Prices, Exports, Order Backlog and PMI up.

Buffalo Expanding 57.2 The Buffalo-Niagara region remained in expansionary territory.

Chicago Expanding 63.0 Chicago Business Barometer down 2.9 points to 63.0 in November.

Cincinnati Expanding 59.0*** This month's regional report was not available at the time of posting. Up-to-date regional reports may later become available at the affiliate website.

Denver Expanding 52.3** Business activity remains positive across the board.

Denver (Non-mfg.) Expanding 64.9 Prices increased in the Capital Goods sector, decreased in the Components sector and remained unchanged in the MRO.

Houston Expanding 60.8** Economic activity in the Houston area has been over 50 PMI for the last forty-eight consecutive months.

Mid-American States Expanding 51.2 The Mid-America and Mountain States surveys are pointing to the same economic outcome for the final quarter of 2013; slow to no growth.

New York City Expanding 69.5 Strongest showing since October 2010.

Northeast Ohio Expanding 20.25* The barometer index of 12.06 indicates that economic activity is expanding.

Southeast Michigan Expanding 58.3 In November, the ISM-SEM PMI overall index dropped back into the 50's, from 63.1 down to 58.3.

Western Washington Expanding 64.4 Index up smartly at 64.4, forecast at 61.7.

* These regional business survey reports use 0 (zero) as their breakeven point when referring to their main business conditions index. The national report and the other regional reports listed use 50 percent as their breakeven point.

** This index is a weighted average of the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors.

*** This index is a weighted average of the non-manufacturing sector.