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Regional Business Survey Reports - January 2012

Region Economy Main Index Comments
Austin Contracting 43.2 PMI dips further into contraction mode, dropping 5.4 percentage points from December.
Boston Expanding 53.2 PMI rebounds and moves back into expansion territory.
Buffalo     This month's regional report was not available at the time of posting. Up-to-date regional reports may later become available at the affiliate website.
Chicago Expanding 60.2 Business Barometer continues to expand, but at a slower rate than in December.
Cincinnati Expanding 57.5 Local PMI continues to expand, but at a slower rate than the previous month.
Denver (Mfg.) Expanding 51.0 Manufacturing economy expands, but at a significantly slower rate than in December.
Denver (Non-mfg.) Expanding 62.8 Non-Manufacturing economy remains strong.
Houston Expanding 59.7 Local PMI expands, increasing 1.9 percentage points from December.
Mid-American States Expanding 55.9 Business activity moves upward into expansion mode.
Milwaukee Expanding 58.0 PMI remains the same as in December.
New York City Expanding 60.1 New York city business activity expands at the fastest pace in eight months.
Northeast Ohio* Expanding 37.88 The Forecast Index of 70.50 indicates that manufacturing activity should increase next month.
Southeast Michigan Expanding 65.9 Local PMI surges upward, increasing 18.3 percentage points from December.
Western Washington Expanding 70.2 Pacific Northwest economic activity continues to reflect a strong local economy.

* Barometer readings above "0" indicate that the manufacturing sector of the economy is generally expanding.