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Employers' Corner

The ISM Career Center communicates your employment opportunities to a select, highly qualified, group of supply management professionals. This group is committed to furthering their professional development through their membership in ISM, certification (CPSM, CPSD & C.P.M.) and accreditation (A.P.P.), and continuing education hours. Employers have access to well over a thousand online resumes from the ISM Career Center résumé database.

A popular Career Center benefit is an online messaging center. This function allows candidates and prospective employers to converse confidentially in a designated forum.

Another bonus to you — ISM notifies the job seekers, daily, everytime a job is posted or updates are made.

  • Single 30-day Job Posting — $250
  • Single 30-day Internship Posting — $50
  • Unlimited Job Postings — $1,500 per year
  • Résumé Viewing (for employers with paid job posting[s]) — Free
  • Résumé Viewing (with no paid job posting) — $125 per month